This handbook has been realised by a European research consortium in the context of research project MEPSS, supported by the European Commission under the 5thFramework Programme for RTD.
Overview of the MEPSS project
The MEPSS (‘Methodology for Product-service systems’) project aims to provide companies with a methodology and toolkit to guide them in the process of developing and implementing a successful and sustainable product- service system.
In principle, the methodology developed in MEPSS is usable for all companies with an active interest in the development of product-service systems, regardless of size, current level of involvement and the sector in which they operate.
MEPSS has developed and brought together methodologies in various fields of expertise that are needed to develop, implement and monitor product- service systems. This handbook is the main publication of the MEPSS project. In addition a MEPSS web tool has been realised that can be utilised free through the internet.
Dominant fields of expertise covered in the MEPSS project are:
  • Design and implementation related aspects of PSS;
  • Assessment of the impacts of PSS innovations on the dimensions of People, Planet, and Profit;
  • Success and failure factors in the development and implementation of PSS (including consumer acceptance, and stakeholder and reputation management), taking into account the functional offer of PSS, the cultural, political and ethical setting, and various stakeholder perspectives.
MEPSS partners:
-   PricewaterhouseCoopers –The Netherlands, Project coordinator
-   DIS/SDI, INDACO dept., Politecnico di Milano – Italy
-   Econcept –Germany
-   Dalt / Solutioning  – France
-   PRé  Consultants – The Netherlands
-   CMER INSEAD –France
-   Ecobilan –France
-   GrAT –Austria
-   Zuid-Hollandse Milieu Federatie – The Netherlands
-   Institut für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung –Germany
-   Centre for Sustainable Consumption, Sheffield Hallam University – United Kingdom