Linking Phase 3 and Phase 4

At the fourth decision node meeting, the management (board) will decide on the continuation of the PSS project now that a PSS idea has been further developed.

This is an important decision point, marking the switch from diverging strategies to a converging strategy with strong focus on the selected idea. Key subjects for assessment and discussion are:
    • quality of execution of phase 3; special attention should be given to the process aspects and outcome of the stakeholder engagement process
    • validation of demonstrable business rationale (selected PSS Idea)
    • elaborated action plan for phase 4.

The decision to continue working on the developed PSS idea will be based on the outcome of the steps executed in Phases 1 to 3.

At decision node meeting, the management (board) will decide on continuation to the next phase and give recommendations in the execution of phase 4 as from this point forward the project will focus on a developed PSS idea.
PSS project team delegation:
    • PSS project leader accompanied by core team members
Management delegation:
    • Responsible management (board) member accompanied by selected staff, board members or external adviser/referees (e.g. university professor)
Presentation by project team delegation of the results of phase 3.

The proposed characteristics of the developed PSS idea form the basis of the discussion with and validation by the management team delegation. The management team should be convinced of the potential added-value of the selected PSS for the company.
In this decision node, key inputs are:
    • The different design versions of the selected PSS idea (in terms of interaction modes and system organisation), which enables evaluation of the most sustainable and profitable version of the idea (how supplied, organised, etc.); design aspects of highest ranked ideas (system map, offer, interactions)
    • Results of the latest sustainability assessment of the selected PSS idea for the preferred design versions
    • Systemised stakeholder feedback on the expected potential of selected PSS idea in relation to the company’s business case
    • Proposed revisions in Project Identification Document (PID)
    • Proposed revisions in Project Plan.
Results of this decision node are:
    • Decision: go/hold/go-back/stop
    • Selected PSS for elaborated work in phase 4
    • Management’s guiding recommendations for phase 4
    • Date and deliverables for decision node meeting 5
Minutes should be taken during the meeting.