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How do I ensure that I have addresssed all the relevant issues with regards to PSS development?
What are the strategic goals of the manamement, the motivation and boundary conditions?
Which strategic direction for the company is indicated by linking scenarios and new options?
What are the main variables that determine the present system?
What are the relevant relations between the variables (and stakeholders) in the system?
Which variables are most appropriate to steer the system toward sustainable development?
What are available resources and driving forces in the company?
What market strategies can be derived from dissatisfaction and wishes of current and potential customers?
What is the experience to date, in this sector area, of systemic change through PSS that could help me develop my PSS?
Which supporting and hindering boudary conditions can be expected for the idea under development?
What are the relevant sustainability aspects of my business and the PSS I am developing and how can I develop a consistent set of indicators?
How can I visualise the environmental impacts of different PSS scenarios considered along their life cycle and with the stakeholders and other actors contributing to the delivery of PSS?
How can we bridge the assessment with the design?
How do we orientate the design process in order to achieve promising sustainable scenario results? How do we display priorities linked to sustainability?
How do we evaluate the sustainability of the emerged PSS ideas and scenarios? Where are the main impacts along the lifecycle (cradle to grave) for the product service system?
How do we display the sustainability evaluation of the emerged scenario?
How do we get a first impression of the environmental and social aspects?
How can we quantify the environmental load of the PSS?
How do I determine the potential intangibles and liabilities related to environmental and social aspects?
What are the Macro impacts of introducing the PSS? What are the rebound effects of introducing the PSS?
How are the costs and benefits distributed over the system partners? How do we optimise profitability during the design phase?
How can we fully quantify the cost borne by the different actors in the system?
How does the redefinition of property rights impact the user and other stakeholders?
What changes are implied for individual property rights?
How will the PSS fit into the changing regulatory context?
How can customers be integrated into idea development?
What are the most promising (elaborated) ideas from the customers point of view?
What service provision issues are raised for consumers (e.g. individual property rights), and how will they react?
What different types of needs can be identified?
What are the chances that my customers will find the PSS interesting and acceptable with regards to their needs?
What are the different PSS scenarios I should consider to develop? How do I generate and structure new PSS ideas?
What are the PSS basic and added-value functionalities?
How can functionalities be customised best to different target groups?
How the PSS functionalities can be supplied? How the user will interact with the PSS during each PSS action? What are the intertaction components (tools, interaction rules, required competencies, supplied information, context) that enable each PSS action?
Who are the stakeholders and what are their roles in the PSS supply? What kind of infrastructure is needed for the PSS implementation? What are the main flows during the PSS supply?
What are the main stakeholders influencing the present system?
How can customers be integrated into scenario building/idea generation?
How do I get the stakeholders on board of the planning process?
Which ideas will receive the most support of your stakeholders?
Which ideas will receive most support of your stakeholders?
How can I show a rough organisation required to provide my new PSS tentative idea?
How can I visualise the environmental impacts of the different PSS scenarios considered along their life cycle and with the stakeholders and other actors contributing tot the delivery of PSS?
How can I show a typical interaction between my new PSS tentative idea and a user?