How to use the Webtool

Flexibility in accessing the MEPSS webtool

The webtool allows to user to enter the MEPSS toolkit in a number of different ways.

  1. As a large part of the site was produced by using Mindmaps (and softwaretool Mindmanager X5Pro) there are many active links in the site.
  2. Moreover, we have added a graphical navigation tool representing the 5-phase model with the intermediary decision nodes.
How to Navigate? You have many choices:
  1. Navigate the graphical navigation
    • Open ‘MePSS Webtool’
    • Then open ‘Graphical Navigation’

  2. Navigate the textbook on PSS
    • Open ‘MePSS Webtool’
    • Then open ‘Handbook Part I’

  3. Navigate the MEPSS Phase model, including phases, processes, steps:
    • Open ‘MePSS Webtool’
    • Then open ‘Handbook Part II’

  4. Open the list of tools:
    • Open ‘List of Tools’,
    • then select the requested tool by clicking on it

  5. Looking for an answer on a question
    • Open ‘Support’
    • Then open ‘Freq. Asked Questions’
    • and search for an answer

  6. Looking for definitions:
    • Open ‘Support’
    • Then open ‘Vocabulary’

  7. Making contact with project coordinator PwC:
    • Open ‘Support’
    • Then open ‘Contact’
    • and fill out and submit the contact form

Navigating the website is simple.Tips in navigating:

In many cases, the MEPSS webtool decides to open a new window. In this case – no returning is possible by the navigation button ‘back‘ of your browser. When returning, you should close the new window and will return at the point the new window was opened