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  1. B2B – System Integration (Lighting and Manufacturing sector)
  2. B2B – Industrial automation and sensors (Production sector)
  3. B2C - Full-Service energy offer (Energy and Housing sector)
  4. B2C - Personal transport (Urban Mobility sector)
  5. B2B - Result oriented PSS based on cleaning, sanitation and service solutions (Cleaning Sanitation and Services sector)
  6. B2B - Food industry (e.g. breweries and dairies)
  7. B2B – Cleaning and disinfection in institutional markets
  8. B2C, (B2B) – Sharing a trip (Personal Transport sector)
  9. B2C – Subscription service for organic fruit, vegetables and biologic-dynamic meat (Food sector)
  10. B2C, B2B - communication devices and services (Communication sector)
  11. B2B - Automobile industry
  12. B2B - Chemical management services
  13. B2B - Photocopy re-manufacturing

B2B – System Integration (Lighting and Manufacturing sector)

Table of Contents

NorLux - LED Light Services

B2B –system integration (Lighting and Manufacturing sector)


Introducing NorLux

NorLux Corp. is a company that is highly specialised in the design and manufacture of custom light emitting diode (LED) lighting solutions and applications. NorLux brings unsurpassed knowledge and expertise to the design and manufacture of LED lighting solutions. As lighting system integrators, their capabilities include LED packaging, optical design, electronic controls, power supplies and thermal management.

NorLux' team of designers and engineers work with the customer from the initial idea through design, prototype builds and pilot runs to the full-blown manufacture of finished product.

Customized solution by combination of innovative LED products and services

The consultative sales approach of NorLux is based on offering customized solutions utilizing established platforms which can be easily modified to meet specific application requirements. Both staff and network of designers and engineers are leaders in areas such as optics, microelectronic assembly, lighting, electronics and system design, which give them the "know how" to solve problems and complete projects quickly, efficiently and elegantly.

Mission & Philosophy: We are a solutions company, and believe the best solutions come from close collaboration with customers. Innovation and a vision for the future define who we are and what we do. We relentlessly search for better solutions to tomorrow's lighting demands while anticipating future possibilities for solid state lighting (SSL). At NorLux, nothing excites us more than a customer with a good idea who asks for our help. Working with other dedicated professionals to create and deliver a high-quality product is the primary goal of Norlux.

Network of Stakeholder Relations

As a solutions company, NorLux partners with original equipment manufacturers (OEM's), distributors, architects, engineers and designers to design and build LED applications.

Each relationship with each customer is seen as a partnership because its foundation lies in our combined expertise: Customers know their business inside and out and NorLux is a leader in the LED industry. Together, we can create compelling LED based lighting solutions for specific markets.

B2B – Industrial automation and sensors (Production sector)

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B2B – Industrial automation and sensors (Production sector)


Introducing SICK

SICK is one of the world’s leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications in many sectors, such as packaging, food and beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical. SICK is a technology and market leader in both factory and process automation. SICK sensors initiate, inspect, confirm, monitor and control the movement of products between automated operations in a variety of manufacturing industries. Innovative customer programs include:

  1. Operational Services: SICK provides its customers with many operational support services, such as e-Business access at
  2. Engineering and Consulting Services: SICK provides a variety of consulting services to help its customers meet the needs of their demanding customers, including machine efficiency reviews, customized data sheets, CAD drawings and 3D models.
  3. Marketing Support: As a partner, SICK can help clients to increase their reach by providing marketing tools and support, including Literature and Promotional Marketing Fund, trade show and aftermarket support programs.
  4. Field Services: SICK provides the necessary support for before and after field installation through an established network of field personnel. SICK can also provide product training, start-up assistance and integrated service and repair concepts.

Leading in sensor innovation technology and service

SICK is a worldwide manufacturer of factory and process automation technology that was founded in 1946 and today employs over 3,600 people around the world. With over 350 patents in photoelectric sensors, safety solutions and bar code scanners, SICK continues to lead the industry in new product innovations. SICKs offers solutions at every phase of production in the automotive, packaging, electronics, food and beverage and material handling industries. SICK Industrial Sensors reliably sort, count, inspect, measure, recognize and verify the position, size and overall shape of objects.

SICK’s service concept "Industrial Safety Management" provides clients with comprehensive support for safety-related issues within their companies:

- Sick’s project support team offers a client access to deep expertise and knowledge of applications so that the best possible system solution can be developed.

- Accredited safety inspections ensure permanent availability, fewer machine breakdowns and improved competitiveness.

- Support for installation and rapid commissioning of installed SICK products ensure maximum security for the investments made by clients

- Training courses and specialist product training provide the user with experience and practical knowledge.

B2C - Full-Service energy offer (Energy and Housing sector)

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Black Country ESCo

B2C -full-service energy offer (Energy and Housing sector)


Introducing Black Country ESCo

The Black Country Energy Services Club supplies members with cheaper gas and electricity, free energy advice and provides discounts on energy efficient appliances as part of one “energy services” package. Key stimuli to the development of energy services are social and environmental problems, in particular fuel poverty and energy efficiency. Regulatory and voluntary measures developed by the Government to tackle concerns are creating opportunities for the design of innovative service-based solutions.

The Black Country Energy Services Club consists of a partnership between Dudley Council and six housing associations. All tenants, service users and staff of the seven partners are eligible to join and the Club now has over 3 000 members. The Club operates on a not-for-profit basis. Funds are generated through commission paid for each new member by a fuel supplier.

Bringing energy management to the homes

The Energy Services Club is a PSS in which energy supply is no longer sold in isolation but with a range of services that make its use more efficient. Services from the Club include: access to a range of options supported by Scottish Power (including low energy light bulbs and insulation), a home energy efficiency audit with advice on appropriate measures, their costs and payback projections, and general energy advice from the fuel supplier’s help-line.

  • Black Country Club Member’s benefits include energy efficiency of homes (leading to reduced costs), cheaper fuel, discounts on energy efficient appliances, energy advice and, in certain cases, funding to provide homes with energy saving measures.
  • Energy provider’s benefits include improved customer loyalty and retention, meeting regulatory requirements for energy efficiency, and reputation enhancement through involvement in a “social” project.
  • Social and environmental contributions include improvements in the energy supply chain, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, resource depletion and waste, higher levels of comfort and reduced fuel poverty, and avoiding expansion of energy generation plants.

B2C - Personal transport (Urban Mobility sector)

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B2C - Personal transport (Urban Mobility sector)


Elevator Pitch

CALL A BIKE is an enabling service system that offers the customers an alternative to the existing public transport system. The idea is to market and offer cost-effective, comfortable and easy biking alternative to city driving. CALL A BIKE offers its registered users 1400 and 1100 rental bikes in Berlin and Munich respectively. The (specially designed) CALLBIKES can be hired and returned at all major crossroads within a certain inner city area by making a phone call. The current fee is 5 cents per minute (3 cents for Bahncard holders). The payments are drawn from a bank account or a credit card number on a monthly basis.

Bike on demand

CALL A BIKE is principally a B2C oriented “bike on demand” service that offers customers the possibility of renting bikes for shorter or longer time.

The inventor (Christian Hogl) came up with the idea for the CALL A BIKE concept and developed a working service system for efficient bike rentals in Munich. The system was based on specially designed bikes and a computerised system enabling the customers to rent the CALLBIKES by calling a free of charge hotline number. A main prerequisite for the success of the concept is that the CALLBIKES stays in the system. Therefore, a theft-proofed bike with high resistance against vandalism has bee specially developed. Different parts of the CALLBIKES, e.g. the saddles and the tires, can only be disassembled using special tools.

In 2001, the Deutsche Bahn decided to buy and integrate the CALL A BIKE concept in its subsidiary DBRent, thus increasing the mobility and flexibility for their customers. The service is since 2002 permanently available in Munich and Berlin. The new PSS has been welcomed by the market.

The CALL A BIKE concept creates flexibility and eliminates, from the customer’s perspective, the risks of getting the personally owned bike stolen and the need for carrying out repair work.

B2B - Result oriented PSS based on cleaning, sanitation and service solutions (Cleaning Sanitation and Services sector)

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B2B, Result oriented PSS based on cleaning, sanitation and service solutions (Cleaning Sanitation and Services sector)


Introducing Ecolab

Ecolab is a fast-growing (global) provider of commercial cleaning, sanitation and service solutions. In every market segment, Ecolab delivers a growing range of products, systems and services. PSS thinking is in the roots of the company. In the U.S., Ecolab has nine operating divisions that are all offering PSS-s.




Products, programs and services for the foodservice, hospitality and healthcare industries, including warewashing, on-premise laundry, housekeeping, water filtration and conditioning, food safety products, specialty kitchen and laundry products, and pool and spa management.


Cleaning and sanitizing products, services and training programs for the quickservice restaurant, convenience store, movie theater and food retail markets.


Service and technology for the detection, identification, elimination and prevention of pests in commercial facilities, as well as food safety audit and training services.


Janitorial cleaning, floor care and infection prevention products, programs and systems for the retail, building services, industrial markets.


Service and parts for the repair and maintenance of commercial foodservice equipment


Cleaning and sanitizing products, equipment and services for commercial and shirt laundries


Cleaning and sanitizing products, equipment, systems and services for the agribusiness, beverage, brewery, pharmaceutical, dairy and food

Processing industries.


Water treatment programs for boilers, cooling water and waste treatment systems


Cleaning and treatment products and programs for professional conveyor, in-bay and self-service car wash operations


Healthcare began operating a distinct business unit, separate from Professional Products, from 2004

B2B - Food industry (e.g. breweries and dairies)

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B2B - Food industry (e.g. breweries and dairies)

Ecolab provides reliable and efficient methods for maximizing food safety and quality. Instead of selling cleaning chemicals complete hygiene solutions are offered. The company overtakes the responsibility for ensuring a hygienic work environment for its customers. Integrated solutions help to improve efficiency of use of chemicals and greatly reduce the risk of contamination.

Ecolab is a leading provider of critical environment cleaning and disinfecting systems and services for the dairy, food and beverage processing, dairy agricultural as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

- Ecolab's unique farm-to-fork approach to food safety and brand protection encompasses a comprehensive array of multiple-intervention strategies, including livestock disease interventions, advanced sanitation technologies, personnel hygiene programs, food surface treatments and food irradiation. These integrated products, systems and programs, combined with Ecolab's expertise in delivering highly effective cleaning, disinfecting and service solutions, can help to greatly reduce the risk of contamination in a customer's operation.

- Improved Operational Efficiency: Ecolab offers proprietary electronic controls and dispensing equipment that provide precise, automated delivery of cleaning products. Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems offer an accurate, efficient and automated program used during a plant's cleaning cycle to clean and disinfect processing lines, tanks and filling equipment.

B2B – Cleaning and disinfection in institutional markets

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B2B – Cleaning and disinfection in institutional markets

Ecolab offers innovative "total solutions" for superior performance, safety and ease of use for the institutional market by going beyond products and systems with exceptional training, service and support. Ecolab's expertise in warewashing, the science of cleaning dishware, glassware and utensils, results in systems that improve efficiency and contribute to outstanding results. Products and systems include: patented, superconcentrated detergents and additives that reduce cleaning/drying time

Ecolab offers a wide range of specialty products designed to solve diverse cleaning needs for foodservice, kitchen, hotel and healthcare customers. The Institutional Division is the leading supplier of on-premise laundry products and dispensing equipment. Products are dispensed through proprietary equipment designed to ensure accuracy, safety and consistent results. Large laundry operations are served by Ecolab's Textile Care Division.

B2C, (B2B) – Sharing a trip (Personal Transport sector)

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B2C/ (B2B) – Sharing a trip (Personal Transport sector)


Introducing Liftshare

Car sharing is when two or more people share a car and travel together. It allows people to benefit from the convenience of the car, whilst alleviating the associated problems of congestion and pollution. People can share a car for any journey - getting to work, doing the weekly shop, taking the children to school, going to the match at the weekend, travelling to a festival, event or show, getting to or from university, visiting friends or getting to the airport. Liftshare is an organised lift-sharing service using an Internet based “matching service” establish contact between people travelling in the same direction or to similar destinations – thus allowing them to arrange to travel together and share costs. At, the driver and passenger subscribe to a central booking service for single trips and regular journeys. The service can also be accessed through a call centre. also offers its clients customised Intranet based travel services, such as providing up-dated information about transport options in the client’s area, comprehensive traffic reports, route planners and information on buses, trains and taxis to help members plan journeys efficiently.

Design and delivery of new transport solutions provides the design and delivery of new transport solutions to her clients, such as individuals, local authorities, universities and schools, businesses, and estate developers. It enables mobility through collective consumption, which offers numerous benefits. software enables groups to set up their own car sharing groups free of charge. Three types of groups are identified:

a. Public groups - open access to groups people with similar geography, work or interests.

b. Private groups - restricted access to exclusive group members.

c. Branded schemes – for clients such as companies or communities.

Related services:

- also offers clients customised Intranet based travel services. It works with them to develop and implement customised travel information web-sites. More generally, the site has comprehensive traffic reports, route planners and information on buses, trains and taxis to help members plan journeys efficiently.

- The company offers clients consulting services and offers clients specialist advice, support for promoting individual schemes and assists with devising marketing strategies.

- It also markets new and innovative ideas to government, businesses and the general public, campaigning at grass roots and national levels for new transport solutions.

B2C – Subscription service for organic fruit, vegetables and biologic-dynamic meat (Food sector)

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B2C – Subscription service for organic fruit, vegetables and biologic-dynamic meat (Food sector)

The Netherlands

Introducing Odin

One mainstay of the Dutch wholesaler Odin is the vegetable subscription scheme. The company achieves around one third of its turnover with over 20,000 bags of fruit and vegetables. A choice of five different combinations of fruit and vegetables packed in paper bags is available at prices between 7.50 and 14.50 EUR. They are distributed through an advance ordering system via some 400 shops throughout The Netherlands. Whereas over 30,000 bags a week were sold a few years ago, the system has meanwhile stabilized. Recently Odin has expanded the offer with ‘Dynamic Meat’, for customers who want to eat healthy and biologic-dynamic produced meat, caring for animals and environment.

The Odin system was a model for similar forms of marketing in countries such as Germany and Ireland.

Odin Holland, set up in 1983, focuses on three main activities: Import and export of fruit and vegetables around Europe, Distribution of organic vegetarian food to specialist organic shops and providing an organic food subscription directly to consumers. The subscription initiative was started by a small group of people with the objective to improve market acceptance of organically grown food. The subscription was set up as a way to directly supply the produce to the consumer of the producer, without using other parties in the supply chain. All products are supplied to Odin by growers on a fixed price contract, without using third parties such as wholesalers or auctions. Odin works with the farmers to plan cultivation based on forecasts of consumer demand. Odin also offers its growers advice on agricultural and horticultural matters by experts as part of the supply relationship

Odin’s subscription system supplies a service of organically grown fruit, vegetables and biologic-dynamic produced meat direct to consumers from farmers. The consumer receives the produce by paying a fixed subscription fee. Once a week customers can collect a paper bag with fresh fruit and vegetables at a local (organic) store, with accompanying recipes. Odin’s website provides additional information to the customers, such as information on collection points, organic farming and about the growers that have provided the produce.

accompanying recipes. The customer does not specify the mix of products, but receives a mix of what is best available, where possible regionally grown to reduce transport.

The economic impacts for the initiator are competitive advantage due to direct contacts with suppliers and solid/loyal customer base. This effective supply control minimises losses and reduces costs due to cutting out wholesalers and auctions. The revenue growth was in 1998 50

B2C, B2B - communication devices and services (Communication sector)

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Texas Instruments

B2C, B2B, communication devices and services (Communication sector)


Live digital TV, custom ring tones, mobile music DJs, 3D games, multi-megapixel cameras are fuelling the growth of 3G cellular technology. 3G offers significant opportunies for delivering innovative multimedia PSSs to the mobile phone that are fun, personal and entertaining.

One of the fundamental trends influencing the multimedia experience is the intersection of the wireless and consumer electronics marketplaces. This intersection of these two growth markets will present big opportunities for everyone in the value chain.

Current 3G handsets now feature high-resolution color displays, integrated video cameras, audio and video content streaming, internet access at broadband speeds, location-based services, and multi-user 3D gaming. And these are only the beginning.

3G is turning the cell phone into a universal remote control, allowing our on-the-go society access to entertainment and productivity with just a click on their cell phone. These exciting services will be the cornerstone of accelerating 3G uptake, driving increased average revenue per user for mobile operators and creating opportunity for every part of the wireless value chain.

Reference: / Citation Doug Rasor, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) Vice President

B2B - Automobile industry

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B2B - Automobile industry


Renet provides an enabling platform for the sale and purchase of used car parts via e-commerce. The service includes listing, tracking and coordinating used car parts and serves as a prolongation of the counter of car recycling companies as well as an external procurement department of automobile workshops.

Use of the Internet creates new opportunities for chain management. Web-based services are opening up new potentials for reuse of products or components or for recycling.

B2B - Chemical management services

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Ashland Inc, chemical management services


Ashland Inc is a Chemical company that is a supplier of both speciality chemicals and the distribution processes for those chemicals.

Ashland has developed an entire management service programme around procurement, use training, regulatory compliance, waste management, disposal/recycling and energy services. This service package helps the customer in reducing operating costs, as well as better managing risk. Contractual arrangements with customers allow for unit pricing structures, reducing chemical use and keeping the management of materials with the supplier.


B2B - Photocopy re-manufacturing

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Océ and Xerox International– photocopy re-manufacturing

Océ and Xerox Corporation originally only produced photocopiers. Already many years ago, they also have developed their asset management programme, where products are sold or leased under contract, guaranteeing customer satisfaction through functioning machines as a fixed price per copy. Products and processes are designed for re-manufacturing. In recent years, they have developed into document full service and expertise companies. They now offer a broad range of services including printing consultancy, document translation, software, support services and outsourcing services.