List of Tools

The tools available:

W01: Generic guidelines for successful PSS
W02: Preparatory company questionnaire
W03: Identification & Mapping of stakeholders
W04: Stakeholder Involvement Planning
W05: SWOT Analysis
W06: System analysis 1 - Variables'checklist
W07: System Analysis 2 - Cross Impact Analysis
W08: System Analysis 3 - System's feedback diagram
W09: Inventory Sustainability Indicators
W10: Property Rights Analysis
W11: Simplified Life Cycle Analysis - Part 1 of LCA
W12: Screening LCA using input output - Part 2 of LCA
W13: Simplified Interpretation Method for LCA - Part 3 of LCA
W14: Identification of activities with highest SD impact
W15: Screening the System's Profit Dynamics
W16: E2 Vector
W17: Exploring Customer Needs
W18: Assessment of Customer Acceptance
W19: Scenario Building
W20: Sustainability Design-Orienting (SDO)
W21: System Map
W22: Interaction Table
W23: Offering Diagram

You can also find the tools through the MEPSS Webtool Graphical Navigation and via the answers on the questions in the FAQ.